The reason.~ここにある意味~

Football builds character.

As the only professional football team playing outside of Japan, we do not want to limit ourselves to just kicking the ball. We want to develop our next generation to face the challenges of the world by building a strong character.
The world is evolving and people become more globalised. Japan will not be spared by this evolution and our people will have to come out of their comfort zone of their homes. This is not helped by Japan’s greying societyand a shrinking economy.
Our footballers can play a big part in telling our children that the challenges in the world are not to be afraid of. “Living overseas was tough, but it was rewarding.” A message we want to send to our children.
With this belief, our children would have less fear in venturing overseas, whether in football, other sports or in the business world.

This belief is our slogan, “The Reason”.

Daisuke Korenaga
Chairman,Albirex Niigata Singapore FC



Have a dream, be world beaters. That’s what we tell our players.
Step out of your comfort zone and venture overseas. Come to Singapore, play in the professional S.League. Then move on. Move on to the world stage, be it Europe or Asia.
In a foreign land, with different languages and cultures, our boys grow exponentially. Not only in footballing skills, but also in character development.
There is no limit to what they can achieve. It is our mission to help them dream, develop and achieve.

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